Congratulations to Team Elite Pegasus Dato’ Albert Ang for achieving double honours!

Congratulations to Team Elite Pegasus Dato’ Albert Ang for achieving the double honours, which one of them is the SME One Asia Awards 2014 – Emerging Award. This honour is given to entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success and contribute to the development of society and economy in Asia simultaneously. After joining RIWAY, Team Elite Pegasus Dato’ Albert Ang saw a lot of possibilities in his life. He found his purpose in life, achi...



Our Song … “Found” Theme song “Found” (找到) Lyrics: Dr. Lim Boon Hong Music: Dr. Lim Boon Hong 我走过的路 受过的伤 历经的痛 做过的梦 绝望的狂风 灰暗的天空 在期待 一线希望的曙光 我有我的路 痊愈的伤 抚平的痛 坚持的梦 眼泪的决心 紧握的双手 去创造 一条光辉的道路 才发现 正确的道路 不一定平坦 付出几分 成功就有几分 力争上游 汇聚真心 梦中的那个世界 会出现骄傲的翅膀 苦和喜一起同享 给世界一个意外 荣耀和光辉 终于让我找到...


RIWAY Double Winning for “The 3rd Asia Success Award 2013”

Dato’ Kenny Wong – Super Outstanding Entrepreneur After being conferred with the title of Dato last year, RIWAY Business Development Vice President Dato’ Kenny Wong, has once again been glorified for his efforts nationwide, and won “The 3rd Asia Success Award – Super Outstanding Entrepreneur”. Under his brilliant leadership, RIWAY has opened up markets one after another, and trained many batches of strong distributio...


Magazine Cover – Featuring Dr Lim Boon Hong, Founder and President of RIWAY

Eschewing shortcuts and ill-gotten gains while adhering to the principles of success and ideals of righteousness. With this positive spirits, he conquered one market after another. Want to find more about the Dr. Lim Boon Hong’s beliefs and the wonderful product that led RIWAY venturing into the global market? Grab a copy now! The latest issue of Networker Magazine. The No.1 Chinese media magazine for direct selling professionals. Available...


RIWAY Interview by Networker2u

RIWAY is featured in Networker magazine, showing our Chartered Flight experience, and Leaders Recognition Night in Surabaya....