RIWAY Magazine Volume 27 Available Now!

Living With No Regrets!

10 honourable Team Elite Pegasus leaders of RIWAY graced the front cover of this issue’s magazine and are featured alongside their Rolls-Royce, radiating an air of magnificence. Find out more about these illustrious international leaders as we get up close with them and learn about their success stories.

This quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar” was very special and significant as we held our sequel to “A Date with President” at our Kuala Lumpur Headquarters, with RIWAY’s Chief Executive Officer Lim Boon Hong sharing valuable industry know-hows with Diamond 3 Star and above leaders. What’s more extraordinary was that thereafter, we also held 37 other “Leadership Training Seminars” across 8 countries, with a total of 215 speakers – an unprecedented feat for sure!

For the final “Top Leaders Meeting” of 2017, only the top 15 strongest leaders went aboard a private chartered jet to Hangzhou, China, showing the momentous value of this meeting with this distinctive arrangement.

Last but not least, we see the emergence of RIWAY’s highest-ranking Team Elite Pegasus V – Team Elite Pegasus Andy Saw and many other distinguished Team Elite Pegasus leaders on this issue.

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