RIWAY Magazine Volume 22 Available Now!

2016 is truly the year of RIWAY! Congratulations to RIWAY International for achieving the 15th Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) – Regional Brands 2016, filled with gratitude and pride, we bring you “The RIWAY Magazine” volume 22!

In this issue, we bring you a full recap of our Gala Dinner! From the first ever, Taiwan chartered flight to the emotional thoughts of our leaders as they walk down the red carpet laid out especially for them.

A look back in time at our past Golden Deer Award winners, their teachings and thinking and our 2016 Golden Deer Award winner Team Elite Pegasus III Joe Lee, as he tells us his story of how he managed to overcome his own mindset and is now committed to devoting his life to contribute in RIWAY!

What makes a good leader? Join us in our interview with our 2 new Team Elite Pegasus, James Tiao, Jenny Lim and Team Elite Pegasus I Sky Chang, they will tell you that nothing is impossible as long as you dedicate yourself to do it, with their highly infectious positivity, get to know them better to learn their path of success!

All these and more as we gather the essence from our Leadership Training Seminar, “Conquering the World II with Team Elite Pegasus”, 26 of our extraordinary Team Elite Pegasus leaders headed out in full force, to 4 locations in 3 different countries; becoming Team Elite Pegasus is never easy, the obstacles and apprehension one has to encounter daily cannot be described in simple words hence we have summarized the rich experience of our veteran leaders for you to blaze forward with their guidance.

Last but definitely not least, we will show you what it means to achieve the 6 Core Values of RIWAY and how it can change your life just like how it changed the life of our Team Elite Pegasus II Andy Saw and Penny Lee in our cover story! Balancing their career in RIWAY and having a happy life together with their family, you don’t want to miss this inspirational exclusive! To know more, please approach our service counters at any branch. Thank you.