RIWAY Magazine Volume 24 Available Now!

Revolution, Preparations, Footholding, Breakthrough!

Time and tide wait for no man, what have you achieved in this brand new quarter of 2017? Have you work towards your goal yet? Our latest issue of RIWAY Magazine will be recapping on the milestones RIWAY International and our leaders have created from 2016 till today.

Approaching 2017, we would like to introduce you to RIWAY’s brave and forward thinking, newly established “Core Management Team”. Our CMT officers will be united in one heart to create greater milestones and soaring moments. RIWAY will welcome new markets with a calm and steady manner, develop more comprehensively and effectively in all of our branches to allow our higher management to take on even more versatile challenges.

The events organised by RIWAY from “Leaders Recognition Night”, “East Malaysia Pegasus Recognition”, “Leadership Training Seminar”, “Top Leaders Meeting” to RIWAY Annual Staff Meeting in Maldives, in welcoming the days to 2017, has continued to create significant breakthroughs.

Together, let us all continue to break records, and create brilliant results!

To know more, please approach our service counters at any branch. Thank you.