2017 First Quarter Top Leaders Meeting – Tokyo

 28 February 2017 - 4 March 2017

Our leaders had attended RIWAY International’s first Top Leaders Meeting of 2017 in one of the most beautiful and busiest city of Japan – Tokyo! Preparing our leaders for an even busier year ahead in their career, this is the time when the top of RIWAY gather together with their immense positive energy to gain new aspirations, plans and strategies for the new year!

With so much to learn from the Japanese’s way of life, their never say die attitude, their sense of loyalty, pride and diligence, it’s no wonder that Japan has come a long way with its direct selling industry.

The mixture of history and modernization showing how Japan with its rich culture and being one of the lead in today’s fashion and technology is similar to our leaders from all walks of life and how they have come together to become who they are today, a cultured leader of refined grace and success.

Let’s strive forward in 2017!