2019 4th Quarter Leadership Training Seminar

 9 November 2019
 IMPACT Challenger, Hall 3 Popular 3 Road,
Banmai Sub-district, Pakkred District,
Nonthaburi 11120 Greater Bangkok,

Next year, RIWAY International will commence a whole new recognition system, this will be RIWAY organization’s new goal and direction; irregardless whether if you are a newcomer or if you are already a Team Elite Pegasus’s leader, we are all readying ourselves for battle. As per Senior Director, Claudia Ong mentioned in the “RIWAY Magazine”, the key to “whether you are able to play in the arena” in 2020, lies in what you will be doing in the next few months of 2019. Have you prepared yourself to your utmost best, to take up the next challenge ahead?

Therefore, the Training Department has meticulously designed the only “Leadership Training Seminar” session in November, prepping everyone with the strength, so as to make a final spurt for the year of 2019, and to ready ourselves for the year 2020. The upcoming training seminar has rounded up leaders who have accomplished many extraordinary feats, including Chief Executive Officer Mr. Lim Boon Hong and several high ranking Team Elite Pegasus speakers. They bear a great responsibility, with the same mission in mind, to lead and accompany everyone on the road of endless learning so as to reset our pace towards our new goal. Do not miss this chance, November 2019, see you in Bangkok!

Lim Boon Hong
Chief Executive officer (CEO)
Team Elite Pegasus IX
David Yeo
Team Elite Pegasus VII
Andy Saw
Team Elite Pegasus VII
Celest Zhang
Team Elite Pegasus VII
Joe Lee
Team Elite Pegasus IV