2017 4th Quarter “Leadership Training Seminar” – A Date with President – The Sequel

 4 November 2017
 RIWAY Malaysia Headquarters

Learn like a ship against rough waters, dauntless and unrelenting; RIWAY International has always focused on and have highly regarded learning and educating, thus learning unceasingly and improving continuously is our life goal.

This session’s “Leadership Training Seminar” – “A Date with President – The Sequel” was limited to only those leaders whose ranking was Diamond 3 Star and above, this was made so that a more relevant training could be administered to our attending leaders; we believe these leaders would treasure this precious opportune to gain new knowledge even more through this reason.

Before the seminar ended, our CEO announced the commencement of 37 sessions of “Leadership Training Seminar”, held by 215 speakers in 8 different countries, which is truly a crucial moment for everyone to prove their mettle! This is in accordance with RIWAY’s culture of continuous learning and it is through this very culture that the company has been able to nurture innumerous extraordinary leaders.

“Choose to Be Hit” and learn from RIWAY’s “Leadership Training Seminar” to enable yourself to be even more outstanding!