An All-Pegasus Leadership Training Seminar & Charity Auction

 3 May 2015
 RWS Convention Centre

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Demonstrate Our Strength Giving Back to Society

For the first time ever, all 12 Team Elite Pegasus shared on their success journey and the experience of facing challenges in their RIWAY careers, which was the essence of learning. With our Team Elite Pegasus surpassing their limits and becoming the role model of many distributors, not only were they sharing on their experience of overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals, they will also continue to score greater new heights with their team and RIWAY! This strongest debut of An All-Pegasus Leadership Training Seminar and Charity Auction was held at Resorts World Sentosa on 3 May 2015.

With the hope of giving back to society with their strength, RIWAY Foundation was set up in order to help those who are in need and promote positive change of the society. Interesting auction of 13 items were incorporated in the training seminar, offering the precious chance to learn from these leaders, and at the same time contributing to the society. During the night, the donation amount raised was SGD 1,255,000, which will then be channeled for different charity purpose in future.

Besides, RIWAY also contributed to the aid efforts for Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief by selling the limited RIWAY’s Team Elite plush toys. It received overwhelming response from the distributors, and all the donations will be channeled for the Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts, to help ease the pain of those affected in the homeland and give them hope.

The leaders have indeed shown us the spirit of kindness and love with their actions, which can then change the world to a better place with more hopes!