2015 Fourth Quarter Top Leaders Meeting – Harbin

 2 December 2015 - 5 December 2015

Experience and Perseverance – The Key to Success

Our iconic Top Leaders Meeting is always a chance to lead our leaders to see themselves and their teams from a wider view of the world. When they are in a higher position, only then are they able to see their teams’ values, and strive for bigger plans and goals!

December’s Top Leaders Meeting was held in Harbin, a place favourably hailed as “Paris of the Orient” or “Eastern Moscow”. On this day, our far-sighted leaders gathered to learn about our company’s latest plans and directions, so that they can inculcate to their team the Right Way of doing this business.

This meeting serves as a chance to nurture more outstanding leaders, inspire their thoughts and ignite the fighting spirit of more teams, making them more stable and mature, and possessing the unbeatable power for greater breakthrough. Moving towards the international goal with RIWAY by expanding the network of their markets!

Apart from attending the Top Leaders Meeting, our leaders also experienced the adrenaline of extreme speeds from snow riding; as they walk on snow covered grounds, they were embraced by Mother Nature’s snowy view and the romantic atmosphere hanging in the air. Not forgetting the stunning ice sculpture that awed our leaders, leaving them very satisfied as they all exclaimed how worthwhile this trip was!

Getting the chance to see this memorable view bestowed upon by Mother Nature, and observing the ice sculptor’s works of art at minus 20 degrees made everyone realize that the impossible task of sculpting ice is made achievable by the support of technology and the patience and perseverance of the artisan. Hence the saying, “Nothing is too difficult if you set your mind to it.” The bigger your dream, the larger your strength to make it come true. Therefore, do not think that the strength of one person is negligible, that person can still achieve great things through his thoughts and actions!