2016 Second Quarter Leadership Training Seminar

 7 May 2016
 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 481650

Time: 9.00 am

With a strong line up of 5 speakers from our Team Elite Pegasus II, led by RIWAY’s Founder and President, Dr. Lim Boon Hong, after a hiatus of 3 years, “Winning at RIWAY II” has come to a spectacular close!

What are the 6Ps? “On your mark, get set, go.” This signal is always heard before the start of every race. After that, all the racers at the starting line will dash forth towards their goal.

Standing at RIWAY, our starting line determines our results. Yet, the prerequisites you have to grasp are the “6 Principles” to win at RIWAY, and they are: Platform, Product, Plan, Potential, Procedure and People.

These 6 principles play a very important role in any company or industry. It has become a very important factor to success in a company or team, this is a very basic skill that everyone should not ignore.

3 years ago, we had 5 speakers from Team Elite Phoenix to Team Elite Monoceros, including RIWAY’s Founder and President, Dr. Lim Boon Hong. 3 years later, these speakers have arrived at the glorious desired ranking of Team Elite Pegasus II. What have they experienced, discovered and attained throughout this entire process?

3 years ago, the topics from “Winning at RIWAY” caused a sensation in the world of direct selling. 3 years later, our 5 veteran Team Elite Pegasus II leaders, together with Dr. Lim Boon Hong leading the seminar, will once again shake Asia’s entire direct selling world and raise everyone’s attention. To let the whole world, understand how strictly and seriously RIWAY views its Culture of Righteousness and Virtues.

Understanding the company’s core and movements; investigating the company’s product, system and market; expanding and gathering growing connections. This is 2016’s 2nd season of Leadership Training Seminar’s topic, “Winning at RIWAY II”.

Andy Saw
Team Elite Pegasus II
Yang ZhongFang
Team Elite Pegasus II
Low Chin Joo
Team Elite Pegasus II
Tan Su Thiam
Team Elite Pegasus II
Victor Tan
Team Elite Pegasus II
Dr. Lim Boon Hong
Founder and President of RIWAY