Indonesia Leadership Training Seminar Nov 2014

 8 November 2014


  • The Right Way
  • Indepth Analysis of RIWAY
  • The Importance of Goal Setting
  • 3 Secrets to Success
  • 4 Criteria to Be Successful

RIWAY has a special place in Indonesia market. Besides it’s loyal distributors, the market has been growing potentially well recently.

During November 2014, RIWAY back to Jakarta to launch the Leadership Training Seminar. Five speakers conducted the seminar in Bahasa Indonesia so that participants could absorb more during the seminar.

This time, the theme revolves around “Right Way”, in which the right values such as integrity, righteousness and positivity, and teamwork system will be imparted to the participants.

Other than professional product and system knowledge, the speakers shared their tips and stories of success in the seminar. By hearing these, we believe the participants will be greatly encouraged and motivated to strive for their dreams with a positive and proactive attitude!

This Leadership Training Seminar definitely led the participants to a higher level and helped them to set a strong foundation and progress towards success.