Pegasus Night – Voyage on the Baby Pegasus

 5 - 7 January 2015

“Pegasus Night,” a three-day event, from 5 – 7 January, ended on a perfect note in Phuket, Thailand – the land of smiles.

Eleven Team Elite Pegasus and our management had a fruitful experience during the trip. They were amazed and expressed awe when they first stepped into the meticulously decorated Baby Pegasus! It was really a well-deserved gift for Team Elite Pegasus.

It was really a wonderful blessing to chill out and enjoy the mother nature together with all the Team Elite Pegasus; the ocean waves, sandy beach, the warmth and friendly locals made all Team Elite Pegasus felt so at home, sumptuous feast and fireworks display had provided the crowning touch to the evening.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all Team Elite Pegasus for all their unlimited sacrifices, and cheers for the Pegasus Night that was being wrapped up perfectly on that night!