RIWAY Japan 4th Anniversary Gala Dinner

 18th June 2022

 6PM (GMT+9)

As RIWAY Japan officially welcomes its 4th anniversary, it is a day that holds great meaning to all RIWAY Japan’s people, and that night was the first time in the history of RIWAY Japan to have gathered 3,000 people together. Let us look back at the milestones that RIWAY Japan has achieved in the past 4 years through our gala dinner.

RIWAY Japan is very grateful to all our teammates who have striven to build our dreams with us over the years, allowing us to create such brilliant achievements as we witness the growth of RIWAY Japan together. This gala dinner was not only a big day to gather and celebrate with everyone, but it was also the moment which all RIWAY Japan people are proud of. Moving forward, RIWAY Japan will take the theme of “乘势而上” (Riding the Momentum) as its mission and cooperate with all our Japan teammates to climb to the top together!