RIWAY Japan Headquarters Grand Opening

 6th March 2023

RIWAY Japan’s long-awaited headquarters has finally opened in Tokyo; RIWAY has been in the Japan market for 4 years and during this period, RIWAY Japan has successively opened branches in Osaka, Fukuoka, Oita, Nagoya and Kyoto. Such a steady pace of development has attracted much attention ever since.

RIWAY Japan has always kept its promise and has always walked the talk. As it ushers in its 5th Anniversary, RIWAY Japan still has a clear goal, which is to spread the exclusive blue flag of RIWAY all over Japan. Now that the Tokyo headquarters has fully expanded, this also means that our leaders will have more chances to borrow strength. Not only can we increase the number of RIWAY people, but we can also help more people move towards the direction of realising their dreams and achieving bigger goals through this platform.