RIWAY Malaysia 14th Anniversary Gala Dinner

 18th June 2022

14 years of dedication and hard work, 14 years of creation and development; 14 years can pass by in a flash but at the same time, so much can be achieved in those years. Just like RIWAY Malaysia and its leaders who have joined us on this journey, taking 1 step at a time, building 1 block at a time, and 14 years later, we stand here with achievements that surpass our expectations.

With “齐心合 1 4 在必行” (Together as One, Unity in Execution) as the theme for RIWAY Malaysia’s 14th Anniversary Gala Dinner, it goes to further emphasise the fact that unity and cooperation as a team have played a significant role in helping us to achieve our dreams and it is precisely through our seamless teamwork honed over the years, that we can expect to reach even greater heights because now, this is just the beginning.

Wishing RIWAY Malaysia a happy 14th anniversary!