RIWAY Taiwan 10th Anniversary Celebration – 10 Years of Glory

 26th March 2022
 Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

With a blink of an eye, the 10th year anniversary has arrived; RIWAY Taiwan and our leaders have worked hand in hand for the past 10 years, passing down traditions and establishing the RIWAY Taiwan today. The glory accumulated over the years has illuminated the path of all RIWAY people in Taiwan, giving them huge strength and guiding them forward in the direction of their dreams.

In the long river of time, 10 years is nothing but a small episode, and thus, RIWAY Taiwan will never stop reaching for the greater height; we are bound to make ourselves stronger and together with our leaders, we will push our career to a greater peak. In March 2022, we will invite our Taiwanese leaders to celebrate this historical moment together. On a new journey of conquest, RIWAY Taiwan will never stop giving our leaders the platform and opportunity to display their true power, helping more who aim to succeed here achieve the glory of their lives.