RIWAY Taiwan 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner

 28th March 2020
 Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Level 4

RIWAY Taiwan has entered its 8th year as its development gradually matured, and have nurtured many outstanding talents and created brilliant results. This time, the theme of this 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner is set as “蓄势待8”, which symbolizes that RIWAY Taiwan is already “Ready to Go”, ready to take the lead in the Taiwan market as Number 1, even more so internationally, bringing glory to RIWAY at the international market.

This is the first time RIWAY Taiwan will host a feast for tens-of-thousands of people, in addition, we will also invite 4 well-known Taiwanese singers, Golden Vocalist Julia Peng, Power Vocalist Freya Lim, Ballad Prince Peter Pan, and Singer-Songwriter Evan Yo. With these star performing guests, we believe that it will be an unforgettable night as well as an important milestone as RIWAY Taiwan takes the next step, onwards to a new beginning!