2018 Fourth Quarter Top Leaders Meeting – Dubai

 5 December 2018

For the last “Top Leaders Meeting” of 2018, RIWAY International gathered our Team Elite Pegasus II and above leaders to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Within the city of Dubai lies the world’s tallest skyscraper amongst many others, thus it is widely known for its majestic construction marvels. Although deeply rooted in traditions, it is also a city with an ambitious vision where they fearlessly embrace the future and strive for innovation.

Just like the city of Dubai, RIWAY has a group of exceptional leaders who all have mindsets that are full of unwavering energy and determination. In order to achieve success, one must dedicate every second and every resource in preparation and training, where we are always prepared for what life might throw at us – and when it does, we are ready.

Quoting RIWAY International’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong, “Anything can happen with the extent of how much RIWAY will grow next. The most successful distributor in RIWAY may have yet to join us, and he may even be you.” Since RIWAY has already made all the preparations and paved the way to write our own grand narrative. How about you?