RIWAY International Ultra World Recognition Convention

 31 March 2018

RIWAY International’s first Leaders Recognition Night of our 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2018 kicked off in Kaohsiung Arena with a 15,000-strong seating!

This Ultra World Recognition Convention interlaced with Taiwan RIWAY’s 6th Anniversary celebrations, this was definitely a double celebration for the whole of RIWAY and our distributors. Our leaders and distributors from different countries celebrated together at the Kaohsiung Arena on that day, opening up to even more celebrations for RIWAY’s 10th Anniversary.

Together with our special guest performer, Taiwan’s awing rock star – Shin, as he performed RIWAY’s song: “Found”, this was definitely a night to remember!

This was also a great opportunity for everyone to see how far and how wide they can achieve in 2018, see you at the Kaohsiung Arena!