The Brand New RIWAY Magazine Issue 4 is Hot Off the Shelves!


“The RIWAY Magazine” is available in 4 different covers for this issue! This time, we featured Team Elite Pegasus IV Tan Kim Lee, Team Elite Pegasus IV Hasim, Team Elite Pegasus III Faith Ann and Team Elite Pegasus III Feng Yu En, with each one of them exuding their individual charms on each magazine’s cover story!

In 2018, we had braved on and marched forward unceasingly, and it was all worth it. Now is the time to reap the accumulated achievements – and as people of RIWAY International, we are extremely proud of these! 

In this issue, we also recapped the highlights of our 10th Anniversary celebrations where it is filled with records set together by the people of RIWAY.

As always, a full-stop does not mean it’s the end and the coming 2019 is a fresh new start for RIWAY. For the first time in this issue’s “The RIWAY Magazine”, the backbone of RIWAY, our 3 Regional General Managers, Claudia Ong, Ivy See and Ted Tan, together with Chief Development Officer Dato’ Kenny Wong, our key figure for market development, each shared their thoughts and direction with us – and they are all poised to lead the people of RIWAY to create a miracle for the new RIWAY in 2019!

Additionally, we extend our heartiest congratulations to those who have been promoted to Team Elite Pegasus in the last quarter of this season. With their determination and enthusiasm, they will overcome themselves and build their own stage to find their true value in their previously ordinary lives – and this is where they gain their most valuable victories in their lives!

So, in the next new quarter of the brand-new year with a new beginning, you are welcome to start a new journey with us, and also see yourself in the future!