Myanmar’s Partner Appreciation Night

RIWAY Myanmar’s “Partner Appreciation Night” was held to show our appreciation to the dedication and effort by our partners. The speakers for the event were RIWAY International’s Senior Director Dato’ Kenny Wong, General Manager, RIWAY Myanmar, Dixie Chua, as well as our esteemed partners, Mr Tun Tun Paing and Mr Po Po Min.

One of the highlights of the event focused on the most anticipated launch of RIWAY International’s newest CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray 2nd Edition and CONSCIENTIOUS Facial Mask. RIWAY Myanmar’s partners gathered together to witness the significant moment, marking another milestone for RIWAY International in Myanmar which could only alleviate the company to a new height.

For all these years, RIWAY International has been deeply thankful towards our partners from Myanmar for their trust in the company and the confidence in the products launched. The night was a token of both acknowledgement and gratitude by the company to share the best with our partners and prepare for a brighter future ahead.