The RIWAY Magazine Issue 6 Available Now!

As RIWAY International strode over the 10-year mark, each region’s General Manager is going to seize new opportunities, welcome new challenges, carry forward the “dare to act and be responsible, challenge oneself and pursue excellence” attitude. With a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, promoting the rapid and continuous development of RIWAY in all major regions. On this new journey, we shall strive forward together with our leaders, united as one!

And in this quarter, we have another good news to share with everyone: Our RIWAY Hong Kong branch is in operation!

Furthermore, this June in RIWAY was a month full of festive atmosphere……

Singapore & Malaysia RIWAY 11th Anniversary Gala Dinner
RIWAY Indonesia 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner
RIWAY Philippines 3rd Anniversary Gala Dinner
RIWAY Japan 1st Anniversary Gala Dinner

And “The RIWAY Magazine” have also stepped into the 8th year since it was created till now…

8 years, 2,920 days, and over 300 times which is almost akin to “labour pains”, a record of our journey thus far!

We would like to thank our dear leaders who are currently reading this, because of all these passionate stories, we are able to produce extremely interesting works throughout these 8 years!