The RIWAY Magazine Issue 7 is Available Now!

This issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” is now available in 7 different regional versions – from only being available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines, now Japan and Hong Kong has been added as one of the places where the magazine will be available.

Let us learn, break through and grow, leave no effort to conquer and surpass. Looking at the speech of our General Managers from the different regions and you will find that they are all filled with a strong fighting spirit, a spirit of contributing and wanting to overcome all challenges together; this rare and precious opportunity has always been within RIWAY.

General Manager, Singapore Claudia Ong – Conquer Yourself
General Manager, Malaysia Ivy See – Let the World See Us – RIWAY Malaysia
General Manager, Indonesia MK Wong – Work Together, Overcome Together
General Manager, Taiwan Ted Tan – Seize the Opportunity
General Manager, Thailand Taizhen Lee – Writing Our Story, Together
General Manager, Philippines James Cheong – Sharpening Your Axe
General Manager, Myanmar Dixie Chua – Success is a day to day progressive realisation towards a predetermined personal worthwhile goal
General Manager, Japan Eric Chen – You are the Most Outstanding Person!
General Manager, Hong Kong Ian Chua – Master the Opportunity
General Manager, Vietnam Jacky Lim – If You Want to go Big, Stop Thinking Small

Indeed, the biggest enemy in our lives are not the people around us, but ourselves. Whenever we face any challenges or difficulties, as long as we go all out to achieve a breakthrough, then we can overcome, surpass, defeat our old selves and become the most outstanding forms of ourselves.

The environment creates results, RIWAY’s environment and platform have been cultivating talents, creating hopes and creating miracles. Let us continue to uphold the central concept of RIWAY, and cultivate talents, nurture talents, appreciate talents to create together, enjoy together and win together.

To know more, please contact our various branches for more details. Thank you.