“The RIWAY Magazine” April 2024 Is Available Now!

In our latest issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”, RIWAY International proudly presents a truly distinctive issue, featuring the introduction of the Draco – Seat of Honour plan and our 3 Draco.

Sneak Preview:

CEO’s Speech
“Do you think there will be a day when we will witness ‘a legion of dracos taking flight’?”
RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Lim Boon Hong expressed his thoughts on the creation of this plan and the birth of our 3 Draco who was throned with this honour.

Draco – Seat of Honour
The Draco – Seat of Honour encompasses both the Divine (females) and Cosmos (males). In addition to the representative colours of Purple and Black, there is also the Draco Pin, the Draco Throne, the Draco Sash, and the Honourable Sword of Draco – Seat of Honour – “the Draco Divine Sword” and “the Draco Cosmos Sword”.

Cover Story – Celest Zhang
“First Draco – Seat of Honour, the unstoppable desire deep in her bones”.
Once she sets her mind on something, she will go all out to make it happen. With precise goals, a clear direction of what she wants, and always striving to improve her abilities, she quickly rose to the top and emerged as the 1st Draco – Seat of Honour. Find out what are her strategies in achieving the 1st Draco – Seat of Honour.

Cover Story – Feng Yu En
“The Way to Draco – Seat of Honour, the way to success; she proves miracles with her determination”.
Knowing that her standard of living offered limited prospects, she decided to venture out and seek even greater opportunities, expanding her mindset to unleash her full potential. Find out how she transformed her ordinary life to extraordinary and beyond, ultimately achieving the success she has today.

Cover Story – May Yang
“The word “Daring” conveys the courage to withstand challenges, it embodies indomitable determination and perseverance”.
She is someone who never gives up, despite being in the traditional business for many years, she steps out of her comfort zone to explore an entirely new industry after seeing the effectiveness of the product. Delve into her experiences and wisdom from her story, and empower yourself to become the master of your own life.

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