“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2023 is Available Now!

Autumn and winter are seasons that make people slow down, but RIWAY has never had the idea of stopping. Instead, we are committed to recharging and accumulating energy for our future journeys, and have repeatedly achieved miracles at the beginning of 2023. And in this spring, good things will keep on coming, let us move forward enthusiastically and fearlessly! The hottest and latest information that you want to know is in this issue of “The RIWAY...


“The RIWAY Magazine” Jan 2023 is Available Now!

Having always maintained the original intentions and core values, RIWAY has created one miracle after another; chapters and chapters that RIWAY has written have composed the corporate story that belongs to us. Fully prepared and ready to go, let’s look forward to 2023 with full expectations and strive hard without hesitation! The hottest and latest information that you want to know is in this issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”, don’t miss it! A Sneak ...


“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2022 is Available Now!

As major changes took place in current times, RIWAY International took the lead in analysing the overall situation by jumping out of the boundaries, so as to strengthen the limitless potential of the existing markets, and in turn, use that strength to maximise the power of creation. So who will be the one in the lead in these rising times? “The RIWAY Magazine” will provide you with firsthand key points as it continues to influence people in follo...


“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2022 is Available Now!

As the strong wind blows and moving clouds surge amidst 2022, regardless of RIWAY or the world, everyone embraces tremendous changes. With the opening of various regions one after another, numerous events are returning with an even stronger spirit as the energy that has been accumulating breaks out from within RIWAY. Taking advantage of the upwind to set our direction, we believe that RIWAY is bound to create even more miracles in the days to com...


“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2022 is Available Now!

The first three months of 2022 have been nothing short of spectacular. With most countries opening up to international travel after a long hiatus and our lives returning to the norm in the past for so many regions, it is evident that we are getting off to a wonderful start in the new year, and we are just about to witness the birth of a new great with the launch of the latest issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”. A Sneak Preview: Cover Story For the fi...


“The RIWAY Magazine” January 2022 is Available Now!

There is a saying that we will hear every RIWAY people say to themselves, “2022 is going to be an explosive year”. Yes, that’s right, after being suppressed for so long, the energy that every RIWAY people have been holding in has already been overflowing profusely and all of us are ready to welcome this new year of new beginnings. As always, RIWAY International will always be the one striving right at the forefront as this issue of “The RIWAY Mag...


“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2021 is Available Now!

Once again, this is the time of the year where we gather our remaining strength to make a dash, and our last spurt for the year of 2021 because we know that when the brand-new year of 2022 arrives, there will not be another moment where the world temporary stands still for us to have the chance to shorten the gap that we have been trying to close. Therefore, this newest issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” is bound to bring important news and informatio...


“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2021 is Available Now!

The world is currently facing the severe return of the pandemic, but just as RIWAY International’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong said, the information and products of RIWAY are not only capable of protecting you and your families, but they are also the trump card that will allow us to strive in the market. Therefore, during this period, we as RIWAY’s people should all the more be burning with the sense of mission of the “Saviour”. Let ...


“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2021 is Available Now!

In a blink of an eye, we are already 3 months into the year of 2021, and it is once again the time for us to be ready and geared up for our journey ahead in the new year. However, some of you may wonder what exactly do we have to prepare to be considered ready? Worry not because RIWAY has the answer, and it is all in this issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”. A Sneak Preview: The Best Has Yet To Come – RIWAY International’s “13th Anniversary Gala Dinner...


“The RIWAY Magazine” January 2021 is Available Now!

2020 has been a challenging year for many. As the world gears up to step into the new year, get ready to catch the much-anticipated “The RIWAY Magazine” Issue 12! A Sneak Preview: Special Feature – The Best Has Yet To Come With the theme “The Best Has Yet To Come” for our 13th Anniversary celebration, we proudly present a journey back in time to revisit the origins and significance of various events to allow everyone to understand the painstaki...


“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2020 is Available Now!

As the world began to adjust and settle to the new norm, RIWAY and its people has always remain unwavering; facing challenges with our relentless attitude. The 11th issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” showcases many examples of just that; the RIWAY’s spirit! Bringing to you a sneak preview: RIWAY International’s Unprecedented Live Recognition Night – the first ever “Leaders Recognition Night” in the history of RIWAY to be held on the virtual plat...


“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2020 is Available Now!

When you are still wallowing in pity and your life isn’t going the way you want it to, there is this group of people that has already strived towards the shore. We are not prophets, no one can predict that humans will face the current occurrence of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19); only with the adjustment of our mentality and perseverance can we succeed in overcoming this great obstacle. However, how can we become an assurance on the other side to...


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