“The RIWAY Magazine” Issue 11 is available now!

As the world began to adjust and settle to the new norm, RIWAY and its people has always remain unwavering; facing challenges with our relentless attitude. The 11th issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” showcases many examples of just that; the RIWAY’s spirit! Bringing to you a sneak preview: RIWAY International’s Unprecedented Live Recognition Night – the first ever “Leaders Recognition Night” in the history of RIWAY to be held on the virtual plat...


“The RIWAY Magazine” Issue 10 is available now!

When you are still wallowing in pity and your life isn’t going the way you want it to, there is this group of people that has already strived towards the shore. We are not prophets, no one can predict that humans will face the current occurrence of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19); only with the adjustment of our mentality and perseverance can we succeed in overcoming this great obstacle. However, how can we become an assurance on the other side to...


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