“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2022 is Available Now!

The first three months of 2022 have been nothing short of spectacular. With most countries opening up to international travel after a long hiatus and our lives returning to the norm in the past for so many regions, it is evident that we are getting off to a wonderful start in the new year, and we are just about to witness the birth of a new great with the launch of the latest issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”.

A Sneak Preview:

Cover Story
For the first time in RIWAY history, the Cover Story was penned by our very own Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Lim Boon Hong, and it is only dedicated to no other but our RIWAY’s new champion – Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 7 Rings Celest Zhang. Wait no more, let’s find out.

Leadership Training Seminar
If you have missed our “Leadership Training Seminar – The Shocking Impact” earlier, do not miss the golden opportunity to learn from RIWAY’s best once again, for it might be the turning point of your life…

Annual Staff Meeting
Our extraordinary RIWAY staff have been working hard tirelessly for our dream. Read on for words of our CEO and 3 Senior Directors that deeply impacted the hearts of all RIWAY staff.

Can’t wait to know more? Get your copy today. Please contact our various branches for more information or search through “The RIWAY Magazine” app.