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Having always maintained the original intentions and core values, RIWAY has created one miracle after another; chapters and chapters that RIWAY has written have composed the corporate story that belongs to us. Fully prepared and ready to go, let’s look forward to 2023 with full expectations and strive hard without hesitation! The hottest and latest information that you want to know is in this issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”, don’t miss it!

A Sneak Preview:

Cover Story:
We want to create a process of replicating success, and a starting point that can turn your life around when you are willing to believe and give. In this journey, there are chapters of bursting emotions, and also passages where rationality is paramount. Let’s listen to the trajectory of our fighting journey of the last 15 years.

Leaders Recognition Night – Rise of the Heroes
Over the past 14 years, the hard work and energy that RIWAY has dedicated to “Leaders Recognition Night” have been evident to all; meanwhile, the precious moment when tens of thousands of leaders received their commendations has not only made them profoundly honoured but also left those attending for the ceremony deeply inspired.

Top Leaders Meeting – The More We Get to Mont Blanc
RIWAY has always believed that even though wealth and honour are important, only the precious memory of walking together can become the real protective umbrella to hold up a piece of sunshine when we are going through wind and frost.

Pegasus Night
After a year, RIWAY International held our “Pegasus Night” in Switzerland. Bringing together this group of like-minded Team Elite Pegasus leaders once again, the event aims to empower leaders to sustain the energy they have gained and achieve great accomplishments in all aspects.

Leadership Training Seminar – Battle Plan 2
After 1 year and a half, the theme of “Battle Plan” has made a comeback. We hope more people can grasp the essence of instructors’ sharing to be the leaders who can claim victory for their teams.

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