“The RIWAY Magazine” January 2022 is Available Now!

There is a saying that we will hear every RIWAY people say to themselves, “2022 is going to be an explosive year”. Yes, that’s right, after being suppressed for so long, the energy that every RIWAY people have been holding in has already been overflowing profusely and all of us are ready to welcome this new year of new beginnings. As always, RIWAY International will always be the one striving right at the forefront as this issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” is here with all the answers you need for the year 2022.

A Sneak Preview:

Forge Ahead; Discerning Greatness from Mediocrity – 14 years of hard work; 14 years of perseverance; 14 wonderful and dazzling years and every moment of it records not only the most glorious moments of the amazing journey of the heroes of RIWAY but also every setback, and every breakthrough as they voyage through strong winds and waves in pursuit of their ultimate glory.

As the saying goes, “Heroes are made, not born”; throughout all these years as we go through thick and thin together, all of it has given rise to countless heroes along the way that make up this breathtaking scenery we see today. Let us explore and experience what is it like to be a hero through their stories, their making, brand, milestone, and their pursuit for the Golden Deer.

Golden Deer Award 2021 – The Golden Deer Award; an award that symbolises the highest honour, and also the award that every RIWAY person seeks and strives their hardest to achieve. With 2021 being one of the hardest periods we have been through, who will emerge victorious to become the Golden Deer Award Winner?

Regional Leadership Training Seminar – With education being 1 of the important aspects of RIWAY, this quarterly event has become 1 of the most essential tools for all RIWAY people to hone and improve themselves. Do not miss this chance to learn from our speakers from various regions as they share their deep knowledge and experiences.

2022 will be an explosive year, will you be the one who creates and experience groundbreaking changes or will you just be a spectator to all that will happen?

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