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A Sneak Preview:

Cover Story
In the endless pursuit of perfection, and through studious and laborious research and experiment, we present you the 7th Edition of PURTIER Placenta. With ingenuity honouring the original intentions, we create art with our soul, utilising cutting-edge technology advancements and selecting new patented ingredients to guard the “1” classic. Using the craftsmanship that RIWAY always holds, we give you the “1” and only classic for your daily healthcare needs.

Leaders Recognition Night – 15
The 15 years that RIWAY has walked through has witnessed hundreds of thousands of lives changed and transformed by the decisions of joining RIWAY. This time, RIWAY has spared no effort to hold 15 “Leader Recognition Night” in 15 regions. The grandiose 15 recognition nights have cherished the honour of our leaders, and witnessed numerous meaningful moments, enlightening more to make the same right decision.

Top Leaders Meeting
A small group of our Top 20 leaders, Regional Directors, and Senior Directors gathered in Cairo, Egypt holding the 2nd quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”. Coinciding with the scenic attraction – pyramid, which demonstrates the strength of a solid foundation and strong collision, RIWAY intends to give out the power from the centre to aid more people towards success.

A Date with President – 驱马成龙(Qu Ma Cheng Long)
After 1 year, aimed at bringing important messages, with devotion, dedication, and impact, our CEO has conducted “A Date with President” with the powerful theme “驱马成龙(Qu Ma Cheng Long)”. Sharing the “10 Requirements of An Outstanding Leader”, our CEO has once again emphasised the importance of basic skill and hopes to inspire everyone to become the “dragon among people”.

Leadership Training Seminar – RIWAY System Course
With might and main, RIWAY announced the 12 Official Representative Speakers on the 13th and 14th of May. The 2-day “RIWAY System Course” has witnessed the sharing of our speakers who selflessly offered their wisdom, and created an unparalleled learning experience for attendees. Hold your breath to master the code of success and take a detailed look at “RIWAY System Course”.

Muse Award Winner
The International Awards Associate (IAA), founded in 2015, has awarded the MUSE Design Awards to our RIWAY Taiwan Headquarters in Linkou, which not only stands as a prominent landmark but also echoes our belief of “Showing you the Right Way”. Therefore, let us explore more on the interior of our headquarters.

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