“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2021 is Available Now!

Once again, this is the time of the year where we gather our remaining strength to make a dash, and our last spurt for the year of 2021 because we know that when the brand-new year of 2022 arrives, there will not be another moment where the world temporary stands still for us to have the chance to shorten the gap that we have been trying to close. Therefore, this newest issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” is bound to bring important news and information for those who wish to be fully prepared in the months to come.

A Sneak Preview:

3rd Quarter’s “Top Leaders Meeting – The Big-Guns” – As our Team Supreme Pegasus 5 and above leaders came together to carefully plan their moves through the glimpse into future plans and strategies, we can look forward to future exponential growth with high expectations.

3rd Quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar – Journey to Champion” – Together with Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 4 Rings Feng Yu En and RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong, master the keys to success, set yourself on the right path with the right attitude and mindset through this unprecedented journey of learning.

Staff Meeting – With our hearts and minds as one, RIWAY International and its employees are ready to move forward and take things further as we prepare for bigger plans and greater responsibilities. Let us look to the future as we pen our blueprint together.

Thus, the last remaining 3 months of 2021 are extremely crucial, more so than ever, for everyone in RIWAY. Put out your very best and achieve the most brilliant results that would outshine all our past amazing records!

To know more, please contact our various branches for more info or browse through “The RIWAY Magazine” app, thank you.