“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2022 is Available Now!

As major changes took place in current times, RIWAY International took the lead in analysing the overall situation by jumping out of the boundaries, so as to strengthen the limitless potential of the existing markets, and in turn, use that strength to maximise the power of creation. So who will be the one in the lead in these rising times? “The RIWAY Magazine” will provide you with firsthand key points as it continues to influence people in following RIWAY’s footsteps in deepening the power of sustainable growth and development.

A Sneak Preview:

Cover Story
Bringing about a whole new direction through our Core Management Team, our 3 newly appointed Regional Directors: RIWAY Asia (South) Regional Director Ted Tan, RIWAY Asia (East) Regional Director Eric Chen, and RIWAY Asia (Central South) Regional Director Jacky Lim, each with dazzling achievements, has once again taken on heavy responsibilities to fulfill the new mission.

Special Feature
Philosophy, People, and Events are the 3 important core values of RIWAY; understand more about RIWAY and where our inner strengths stem from through our Special Feature.

3rd Quarter “Asia Tour – Leadership Training Seminar”
Master the key points shared by RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong – “Your Resources, Your Ability, Yourself”; strengthen your foundational skills and accumulate strength so as to be able to confront the ever-changing challenges in the future with ease.

3rd Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”
The “Top Leaders Meeting” that symbolises the mutual glory of RIWAY and our leaders has always held the great meaning of higher responsibility to our leaders; with the re-division of our regions, they are bound to face higher requirements and bigger mindsets.

“Pegasus Night”
More than 800 Pegasus leaders were invited to attend the “Pegasus Night” held in Bangkok, Thailand, and Hsinchu, Taiwan, but among them, more than half of our leaders were attending for the first time. This awe-inspiring scene has made this gathering even more precious and meaningful.

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