“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2022 is Available Now!

As the strong wind blows and moving clouds surge amidst 2022, regardless of RIWAY or the world, everyone embraces tremendous changes. With the opening of various regions one after another, numerous events are returning with an even stronger spirit as the energy that has been accumulating breaks out from within RIWAY. Taking advantage of the upwind to set our direction, we believe that RIWAY is bound to create even more miracles in the days to come. Thus, let this new issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” accompany you in witnessing the birth of a new era.

A Sneak Preview:

2nd quarter’s “Leaders Recognition Night – Formidable Force” – Over the past 6 months, the leaders of RIWAY have been overcoming countless difficulties with formidable force, vowing to stand atop the hall of fame. Now, not only are they seen by all as they stood at the top, but they are also making huge waves in the market.

2nd quarter’s “Top Leaders Meeting – The Return of the Big-Guns” – As Team Supreme Pegasus 5 and above leaders gather once again, through their foresight and careful planning, they gather their strength while preparing to create a greater growth in the future.

2nd quarter’s “Regional Leadership Training Seminar” – Resetting back to zero to learn has always been an important part of experiencing a RIWAY’s lifestyle, and the events of this quarter have become an important tool in helping our leaders improve themselves. Let us witness how these 31 training seminars across 10 regions have demonstrated enormous knowledge and wisdom.

“Team Elite Night” – RIWAY will strive forward bravely even when facing difficulties as we have never been afraid of any challenges, and the source of this confidence comes from none other than the thousands of Team Elite leaders of RIWAY. It is precisely because of this that every gathering is precious and meaningful.

In the second half of 2022, RIWAY will only continue to accelerate its pace to create even more possibilities in powerful times such as this. In the face of the surge of a rising wave, will you choose to ride against it?

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