“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2023 is Available Now!

Autumn and winter are seasons that make people slow down, but RIWAY has never had the idea of stopping. Instead, we are committed to recharging and accumulating energy for our future journeys, and have repeatedly achieved miracles at the beginning of 2023. And in this spring, good things will keep on coming, let us move forward enthusiastically and fearlessly! The hottest and latest information that you want to know is in this issue of “The RIWAY Magazine”, don’t miss it!

A Sneak Preview:

Cover Story: Conquering the World – Train the Trainers
During the 20-hour training, RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong has analysed in-depth for you the importance of basic skills and laying the foundation well in order to stabilise yourself. Through the most basic principles of success and the 12 topics that have a huge impact on the market, you will ride the trending waves at critical moments and obtain victory again.

Conquering the World – Leadership Training Seminar
With a line up extending to more than 600 Pegasus-ranking speakers, 100+ key sessions of training seminars were held in 13 regions whereby RIWAY International has once again set an unprecedented record. With accumulated market experience of 15 years and the complete 12-course training system tool, we can definitely borrow strength from it to influence and transform even more people in the team.

RIWAY International 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Different from the previous dinners we have held indoors, this is the 1st time we hosted close to 30,000 RIWAY people from more than 10 regions in the form of outdoor banquets. This is also the 1st time our leaders are celebrating their glory under the sky, creating a night that belongs to us and creating amazing stories that will wow the world.

Top Leaders Meeting
Every reunion of these Big-Guns has always come with significant progress in terms of their personal growth, this time, the chosen Top 48 from the recent “Conquering the World – Leadership Training Seminar” are invited to attend this meeting, sowing new seeds and opportunities for the next few months.

Grand Opening
Following the opening ceremony held in 2018, new headquarters were opened in Singapore and Taiwan respectively this time. The design is also diversified according to RIWAY’s needs, which means that we have a larger office space, and it also boosts the sense of belonging of RIWAY people.

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