“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2018 is Available Now!

RIWAY International’s first “The RIWAY Magazine” tri-regional release with 3 separate languages, each with their own outstanding cover story is here! Choose to “Become That Champion”! 2018 is the year of RIWAY’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, henceforth we would like to take this opportunity to present to you a tri-regional release of “The RIWAY Magazine” in English, Traditional Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia, to share with everyone even more detai...


“The RIWAY Magazine” December 2017 is Available Now!

Living With No Regrets! 10 honourable Team Elite Pegasus leaders of RIWAY graced the front cover of this issue’s magazine and are featured alongside their Rolls-Royce, radiating an air of magnificence. Find out more about these illustrious international leaders as we get up close with them and learn about their success stories. This quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar” was very special and significant as we held our sequel to “A Date with Pres...


“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2017 is Available Now!

Discipline Yourself · Love Yourself You should always be fully prepared regardless of the type of goal you have set, so are you ready? Our cover story features Team Elite Pegasus III Yang Zhongfang who fully embodies the spirit of the warrior goddess and describes how she transforms from an ordinary woman to an extraordinary leader who shines like a gem. Let’s also look at what is 2017’s Golden Deer Award Winner – Team Elite Pegasus IV Tan...


“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2017 is Available Now!

A True Heart Will Stand the Test of Time! Congratulations to RIWAY International on its 9th Anniversary and this is the season to celebrate our RIWAY’s big day. RIWAY has reached its 9th year before we even realize it and RIWAY has also gone through many trials and tribulations to finally enter its 9th year, therefore we decided to name this year’s celebration theme to “九见人心” to encapsulate these reflections. Just like what RIWAY’s Chief Executiv...


“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2017 is Available Now!

Revolution, Preparations, Footholding, Breakthrough! Time and tide wait for no man, what have you achieved in this brand new quarter of 2017? Have you work towards your goal yet? Our latest issue of RIWAY Magazine will be recapping on the milestones RIWAY International and our leaders have created from 2016 till today. Approaching 2017, we would like to introduce you to RIWAY’s brave and forward thinking, newly established “Core Management Team”....


“The RIWAY Magazine” December 2016 is Available Now!

Out with the old and in with the new, we must continue to “Repeatedly Breakthrough” in the new year! Congratulations to RIWAY International for achieving the 15th “Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) – Regional Brands 2016” and have also been voted and awarded the “SPBA – Most Popular Regional Brand Award”; this has proved once again that the commitment made by RIWAY for the past 8 years has been affirmed by many others. Next, we congratulate...


“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2016 is Available Now!

2016 is truly the year of RIWAY! Congratulations to RIWAY International for achieving the 15th Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) – Regional Brands 2016, filled with gratitude and pride, we bring you “The RIWAY Magazine” volume 22! In this issue, we bring you a full recap of our Gala Dinner! From the first ever, Taiwan chartered flight to the emotional thoughts of our leaders as they walk down the red carpet laid out especially for them. A l...


“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2016 is Available Now!

Here’s wishing RIWAY a happy 8th birthday, the best gift in the world, is to give yourself another chance! On this very joyous day, our volume 21 of “The RIWAY Magazine” is filled with energy from its fantastic content just for you. RIWAY’s Founder and President, Dr. Lim Boon Hong, emotionally analyses a thought-provoking line from ‘The Art of War by Sun Tzu’: “Stagnancy Diminishes Fervour”, as our 3 Vice Presidents vindicate all the sacrifices ...


“The RIWAY Magazine” March 2016 is Available Now!

2016’s first issue of “The RIWAY Magazine” brings to you an even bigger, better issue to start off the 8th year of RIWAY! Join us as we reminisce from the first volume of “The RIWAY Magazine” up till the latest volume 20. Filled to the brim with special features such as “The 10 Requirements of an Outstanding Leader”, and in depth understanding of PURTIER Placenta. We look back on the glorious and spectacular Ultimate Leaders Recognition Night he...


“The RIWAY Magazine” December 2015 is Available Now!

Compiled in this last volume of “The RIWAY Magazine” for 2015, we bring you all the know-how on being an outstanding leader! Join us as we get up-close and personal with Ms Claudia Ong, RIWAY’s Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing as she shares her level of commitment and conviction towards RIWAY! Join the leaders in their Top Leaders Meeting in Harbin! We have also covered “The 6 Principles of Leadership”, to learn what are the principles ...


“The RIWAY Magazine” September 2015 is Available Now!

RIWAY Magazine Volume 18 is now available in the market! In this issue, you will discover The Mythology of RIWAY, which is a success from pursuing excellence and changes relentlessly out of their comfort zone, thus creating the historical milestone with the launching of PURTIER Placenta Fifth Edition! Other interesting topics include the happenings of Gala Dinner – Legacy 007, the birth of Golden Deer Winner Year 2015, the emergence of our 7 new ...


“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2015 is Available Now!

The RIWAY Magazine is available now and with a lot to offer in this Volume 17 issue – Our Pegasus and management of RIWAY International gathered for a special 007-themed photo shooting, in celebration of our 7th Anniversary; the touching and motivating life stories of our leaders in the Leadership Training Seminar and Charity Auction; “A Gathering of Emerging Star” in New Zealand for the Top Leaders Meeting; RIWAY’s staff wishes for the 7th Anniv...


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