“The RIWAY Magazine” June 2021 is Available Now!

The world is currently facing the severe return of the pandemic, but just as RIWAY International’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong said, the information and products of RIWAY are not only capable of protecting you and your families, but they are also the trump card that will allow us to strive in the market. Therefore, during this period, we as RIWAY’s people should all the more be burning with the sense of mission of the “Saviour”. Let us get the latest, hottest, and most valuable information from “The RIWAY Magazine” and gain even more strength through it.

A sneak preview:

Cover Story – through RIWAY’s newest champion Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 4 Rings Feng Yu En’s story, witness how the explosive power of her and her team has enabled them to rise from adversity.

Special Feature – With Mr Lim Boon Hong’s surprise-launched of RIWAY’s 4th song – “Give”, it rouses everyone’s fighting spirit through the meaning and artistic concepts of the song as we march towards a new journey.

2nd Quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar” – “Battle Plan”, a wonderful training seminar by 6 high-ranking leaders includes an overview of strategies that should not be missed.

2nd Quarter’s “Top Leaders Meeting” – through the amazing achievements of the lives of our 1 ring and above leaders, let us better understand their process in becoming the best role models of the industry through their success stories.

Team Elite Night – as leaders of various regions are unable to gather together due to the situation, RIWAY has once again provided our leaders with an amazing yet warm boost of strength so that they can recharge and set off towards a new journey.

For more details, do visit our various branches to obtain and browse the magazine, or browse through “The RIWAY Magazine” app, thank you.