2015 September Top Leaders Meeting – Las Vegas

 1 September 2015 - 7 September 2015


Keeping Pace with Times in an Ever Changing World

We live in a world of different cultures and views, thus let us constantly emancipate our minds, seeking the truth from the facts, keeping pace with the times, as this will help us to be innovative, to keep on learning and expand our visions.

In September 2015, Top Leaders Meeting, our leaders from different countries and regions set foot in Las Vegas, a city in the United States, which means “the meadows” in Spanish, which has transformed from an oasis in a desert to a transport hub, mining city, and finally becoming the famous gambling city. This brilliant and sleepless city had gone through major changes, and now it is one of the top tourist destination in the world, which is truly an eye opener for everyone. This opportunity had opened to leaders who had surpassed the stringent tests and were determined to face all the challenges with a never ending fighting spirit, thus standing out among all the distributors and achieving the ultimate privilege of attending the Top Leaders Meeting.

The goal of this journey was to let everyone amass more power and have a more definite belief and mission, so as to influence the important people around us. Only then can we lead more teams towards success, and create greater milestones for the company!