RIWAY Taiwan 2nd Quarter “Leaders Recognition Night”

 27th June, 2020

This year, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hindered our usual lifestyles and affected us in many different ways but what remains unchanged is our RIWAY leaders are still giving their best to bravely challenge their soaring ambitions. They have always set their sights on the high peak and strive to move up step by step, not fearing the obstacles underneath, displaying a remarkable attitude and demeanor of the strong. 

Only individuals who stood out amidst the chaos, affirmed by everyone, are identified as the strong, hence, following the waning of the epidemic, the “Leaders Recognition Night” held by RIWAY Taiwan is of great significance because our leaders who were recognised are all fearless and strong individuals! RIWAY did not come to a halt despite the epidemic and suffered the setbacks; on the contrary, RIWAY chose to take advantage of the situation and went against the flow. So, when the next challenge comes, are you ready to go with the flow with RIWAY?