RIWAY International’s “Top Leaders Meeting” – Top 40’s gathering in Kuala Lumpur

 1st March 2020

Welcoming a brand new year, it is time for us to showcase our capabilities again!

New year, new outlook, RIWAY International is still moving forward and RIWAY International’s “Top Leaders Meeting: Top 40” is set to be held at Kuala Lumpur where RIWAY International’s Core Management Team and Top 40 will gather, communicate and connect.

RIWAY International’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong will also take the lead to announce the future development plans to all our top leaders, so as to set a clear direction for our most outstanding leaders because we all know that “Effort is wasted when the direction is incorrect”. So, to ensure that the teams do not fall behind and to maintain their morale and high spirit throughout the year, our leaders must grasp this rare gathering, start the pace towards 2020’s glory peak and lead the team towards a bountiful future!