2020 RIWAY International 4th Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting – A Date With The Strongest“

 4th December 2020

The 2020 last quarter’s “Top Leaders Meeting” which was led by RIWAY International’s Chief Executive Officer Lim Boon Hong was a meeting exclusively for the strong and powerful; where only leaders ranking Team Supreme Pegasus 6 and above were qualified to attend. Therefore, these leaders, who had managed to leap over the high threshold and attended the meeting, are most definitely ranked among the “strongest line-up of leaders” in history.

With their extraordinary resolution and mindset, nothing can stop our leaders from advancing. Furthermore, these leaders who had managed to gain the chance to attend this meeting will be RIWAY’s most outstanding group of leaders as we step into our 13th Anniversary. Although the year 2021 is still full of uncertainty, but through this utmost important meeting, these ever-victorious leaders will most definitely be able to lead RIWAY towards the right direction. With the year 2020 coming to its end, they will once again set forth, using the information they have obtained from this “Top Leaders Meeting” to lead their teams to create even more legacies.