2021 RIWAY International 3rd Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

 4th September 2021

Strength is the core competitive edge of our leaders. Every leader of RIWAY International places great emphasis on personal growth. Therefore, they are very eager to elevate their strength and knowledge. This is especially more evident when a person’s mindset or his level is getting higher.

It is the same for RIWAY. Our pursuit is always “being better” instead of only “being good”. Therefore, the “Top Leaders Meeting” this quarter has invited Team Supreme Pegasus 5 and above leaders to inspire a greater potential with each other.

For the great goal shared by everyone and the exceptional leap forward, as well as to enhance the overall strength, we never remain where we are, so as to possess greater strength to face the greater test. After the meeting this round, what we can be sure of is: we are prepared to take on the greater challenge.