2021 RIWAY International 4th Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting – The Ultimate Supreme”

 December 2021

An outstanding leader can always gain a full understanding of any situation ahead of time, and adapt to the changes while demonstrating their full strength; they are the powerful main force that leads the team towards the peak. In the final quarter of 2021, RIWAY International will invite Team Supreme Pegasus 9 leaders to participate in this extremely impactful “Top Leaders Meeting – The Ultimate Supreme”. One can just imagine how extraordinary these leaders are to be able to step over such a high threshold to participate in this meeting that will effectively affect the achievements of a quarter.

As the saying goes, “the strongest has yet to emerge, the best has yet to come”; the leaders participating in this meeting have a deep understanding of this phrase and in the past 1 year or so, they have proven that only by constantly reaching for higher peaks will they be able to remain standing right at the top. Their extraordinary courage and superb leadership have undoubtedly shown that they will be the leaders at the forefront of RIWAY’s road to future developments. Believing that with the high standards they put on themselves and in their pursuit of glory, they will lead the team and many more teammates in the final sprint at the end of 2021 to set the most perfect beginning for the coming 2022.