2021 RIWAY International’s 1st Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

 3rd March 2021

RIWAY’s people will never take a chance, in the face of a situation that cannot be fully grasped, we will always plan ahead and make full preparations for the challenge. Since the beginning of the new year, RIWAY has used practical actions to interpret responsibility and leadership; which has ushered in our 13th Anniversary celebrations, regional training sessions, and this quarter’s “Top Leaders Meeting”, proving that RIWAY has never stopped, as we continue our journey with our leaders together as one.

Many New Team Elite Pegasus said: “Becoming Team Elite Pegasus is just the beginning.” So what we can imagine is that RIWAY actually has a lot of room for development and progress, by making good use of the basic skills and secrets learned in our 2020’s “Leadership Training Seminar”, we can definitely respond to changes and seize opportunities. Since, this season’s “Top Leaders Meeting” only invited Team Supreme Pegasus 3 and above leaders to attend, many leaders took this opportunity and strove hard to become an invited guest of this meeting.

Grasp the perfect opportunity to deal with the unknown in 2021: although it is an unknown, there is also the chance of achieving great possibilities. Perhaps you will be the one to climb to an “unknown” height and become the biggest winner of the new year.