2022 RIWAY International 2nd Quarter “Top Leaders Meeting”

 3rd June 2022

14 years have pushed RIWAY International and so many heroes to the peak of their lives; the RIWAY heroes are also destined at this moment to drive RIWAY to the pinnacle of the world.

Dubai, the world’s most influential “City of Miracles” which has never stopped breaking world’s records, is just like RIWAY’s Team Supreme Pegasus 5 and above leaders; they are the group of exemplary leaders that keep creating miracles. We hope that this “Top Leaders Meeting” held in Dubai allowed them and their teams to show their determination to achieve breakthroughs, as well as lead the way by realising even greater ambitions through setting bigger goals.

This is also the moment that many leaders have longed for since the easing of the pandemic. Let us hope that this meeting will enable all RIWAY people to take steady steps, reaching a new height by finding the direction towards victory.