2022 3rd Quarter “Leaders Recognition Night”

 1st October 2022
 Bukit Jalil National Stadium

After RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong announced the new plans at the “Top Leaders Meeting – The Return of the Big-Guns”, the first “Leaders Recognition Night” combining South Asia, Central South Asia, East Asia and Europe regions was held on 1st October at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Malaysia, gathering great figures of the various regions with great momentum!

For us, this also signified a new beginning. Just as we have always emphasised, even though it has been 14 years, we have not started, we are only about to start. But this beginning is completely different from 14 years ago when we started from scratch because this time, we believe that having accumulated 14 years’ worth of experiences, our sense of cohesion is even stronger. This sense of cohesion has also transformed into a shining light, allowing everyone to find their heart’s desires and realise their dreams.

The 2022 3rd quarter’s “Leaders Recognition Night” has started with an even larger and more exciting stage; becoming a recognition night that all RIWAY people absolutely do not want to miss. This is because we know that at any moment, we will always do our best to prepare to achieve our goals, and will never miss out on any opportunity. After all, opportunities are for those who are well-prepared. We are ready to go all out, let us reset back to zero and set out on this brand new journey.