2023 RIWAY International “Team Elite Night”

 26th June 2023

Continuing with RIWAY International’s “Team Elite Night” from 4 years ago held in Kyoto, Japan with masquerade as the theme, we have ushered in the “Team Elite Night” in 2023 4 years later with the same theme once again.

As the impressive scene is still deeply carved into our minds even after 4 years, it remains a wonderful story told by many RIWAY people up till today as it has given us the opportunity to witness our RIWAY leaders’ attitude of doing their very best in everything they come across. Even today, they are constantly and indefinitely influencing many others to work hard and strive for their dreams.

Gathering this group of people with such a mindset together has produced extraordinary power and through this power brought about by our “Team Elite Night”, we will enhance the teams’ core strength and fighting spirit as we strive towards the world as one.