2024 2nd Quarter “Leaders Recognition Night”

 5TH JULY 2024

Every tremendous journey at RIWAY International begins with the bravery to take the first step. This time, we will gather at our 2024 2nd quarter’s “Leaders Recognition Night” to hold a special recognition night where our attending guests are only Diamond Star leaders and above, these leaders have embarked on their path with a simple yet profound belief: “To begin is to succeed”. Their journeys, though varied, share a common thread – each is a narrative of courage, relentless commitment, and the art of turning challenges into stepping stones.

The event will be a dynamic showcase of energy and pride. The stage will be set for excitement as each leader steps into the spotlight and their achievements are announced to resounding applause. The rise of these promising leaders and their stories are set to inspire and kindle courage in the heart of every member of the RIWAY community to come forward and take on the journey with equal daring and commitment.