Indonesia Pegasus Recognition

 28 June 2015
 Harmoni One Hotel Grand Ballroom, Lantai 6 Jalan Engku Putri No.1 Batam Center, Kepulauan Riau 29400, Indonesia

First Team Elite Pegasus in Indonesia – Team Elite Pegasus Efendi
The Emerging Star

He, is the Star of that night, the focus of that night. Born to be a charismatic leader, with sheer determination and hard works, he was crowned the first Team Elite Pegasus in Indonesia, shining his light on the stage throughout the night. He is none other than Team Elite Pegasus Efendi!

The Indonesia Pegasus Recognition Night was especially dedicated to congratulate Team Elite Pegasus Efendi for being crowned the first Team Elite Pegasus in Indonesia. During that night, Vice President of Business Development Dato’ Kenny Wong shared that Efendi, who has already owned a business, joined RIWAY because he wanted to help his friends in this career. Thus, he felt that it is such a privilege to be friends of Efendi. Team Elite Pegasus II David Yeo and Team Elite Pegasus II Joe Lee also shared about Efendi on that night.

The star of that night Team Elite Pegasus Efendi shared that his mother had recovered from her long time illness after taking PURTIER Placenta for two and a half years. He encouraged the distributors, “The most important thing in doing RIWAY is to know what you want to achieve from it. RIWAY offers good quality product, simple procedure, international market, powerful management team, high reward system for distributors, and it is a unique company. So, do not hesitate anymore, let’s work hard and achieve our goals together!”

The night was evident of a new leaf of history in Indonesia, just as what Team Elite Pegasus Efendi said, Indonesia market will develop immensely and become the biggest market among the five countries!