Leadership Training Seminar – Battle Plan 2

 10th November 2022

In May 2021, RIWAY International held a virtual “Leadership Training Seminar – Battle Plan”, this event, even with only 15 minutes each of sharing from our great leaders, has created an extremely effective tool for our distributors in the market. In November, we have held yet another training seminar titled “Battle Plan 2”, on a physical stage in Bangkok, Thailand and shared even more content in greater detail. On that day, did you manage to find the answers you were looking for?

Reset, learn, repeat; the simple yet powerful ways to success is the best reason why RIWAY people have achieved such amazing results in the market over the past 14 years. However, the only easy day was yesterday as we have never stopped aiming higher after reaching new heights. With the establishment of new regions and the launch of new strategies as we are going to step into our 15th year, this training seminar has certainly equipped every RIWAY person with the necessary skills and mindset to conquer the new height ahead of us.


RIWAY International Chief Training Officer Ted Tan – As Orderly as the Forest
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 7 Rings (Πθ7) Celest Zhang – As Swift as the Wind
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 5 Rings (Πθ5) Feng Yu En – As Firm as the Mountain
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 5 Rings (Πθ5) Andy Saw – As Raging as the Fire
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 3 Rings (Πθ3) Joe Lee – As Loud as the Thunder
Team Supreme Pegasus 9, 1 Ring (Πθ1) Tun Tun Paing – As Quiet as the Shadow