“Arise from Troubled Times Live Recognition”

 28th June, 2020

The meaning behind recognition is very important. Some people regard recognition as a kind of affirmation, some regard it as the starting point of their next goal; what do you see recognition as?

The COVID-19 pandemic around the world plagued the earlier half of 2020, resulting in many regions being unable to function normally as they would; in lieu of this, RIWAY International has also modified the way that we operate to be in line with the regulations of various countries.

However, we cannot ignore a group of leaders who are still striving for their goals and dreams just because of the influence of the epidemic. Under such adversity, they still show their inspiring spirit, overcome multiple obstacles, and achieve their goals step by step.

To this end, RIWAY broadcasted an extraordinary “Leaders Recognition Night” on Facebook on June 28th, and presented an exclusive “recognition” ceremony for everyone through creative thinking in an unprecedented way. We gave our loudest cheers together on that day for the hard work and contribution that we have put in over that period of time!