“New Distributor Orientation” (NDO) – Train The Trainers

 4th February 2020

A new start in 2020, RIWAY International kept up with the pace and launches a brand-new version of the “New Distributor Orientation” (NDO). The content is more in line with the needs of today’s market, providing the people of RIWAY with a more complete direct selling’s principles and knowledge.

RIWAY International’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong personally went through the content and the presentation method. It will then be duplicated and spread worldwide by our speakers in an even higher quality as we share them to the people of RIWAY from all over the world. This “NDO – Train The Trainers” event was held in Kuala Lumpur on the 4th February 2020.

This time, RIWAY has set a bigger direction; in the first quarter of 2020, the “Leadership Training Seminar” was held in various cities and branches with more than 100 events and more than 700 speakers in total as the goal, let us complete this new record together.